Visit to a family-owned black tiger shrimp farm in the Ca Mau province

Our in-depth insight into every step of our value chain is an imperative part of securing the highest quality products. This feature article provides a peek into one of our frequent trips to Vietnam where we visit our suppliers including processors as well as the black tiger and vannamei farms located across the South Vietnamese countryside.


Picture to the right: The black tiger shrimps are collected daily from the  farms along the rivers of the Ca Mau province.

Our fantastic partners in Vietnam are our eyes and ears on site.

Vannamei are typically farmed in intensive aquaculture in both small- and larger scale farms. Our prioritization of ASC certified products helps drive the continuous improvement of local working conditions and environmental standards.


Follow the link below to read more on our collaboration for ASC certification of vannamei farms in Vietnam 

Black tiger shrimps are farmed non-intensively in remote areas of South Vietnam. As seen in the picture below, mangrove is continuously planted in and around the ponds to ensure sustained growth of the mangrove which is essential to the local environment and to carbon sequestration.